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What is Lavash?

Lavash is a soft and thin flatbread with an ancient history. Lavash is the traditional bread in Armenia, where certified history specialists claim its roots come from.
In recent years Lavash has gained great popularity in Russia, Western Europe and the US as well.

For us Lavash is not just bread – it is continuing a long-kept tradition of keeping different generations together. We’re sure it will become a favorite in your home, too!
Lavash is very close to our hearts because it brings the family together around the table!

Our products

Traditional Lavash
The bread that brings us together!

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, sea salt.

The Traditional or Rectangular Lavash goes well simply rolled up with veggies or peanut butter and jelly, but you can also experiment with more complicated recipes like apple strudel or lasagne bolognese. Lavash can turn any meal into a festive masterpiece!
Why do we call it Traditional: Well, in Armenia, the bread is made and flattened by hand until it’s at least 1 meter long and wide as well. Our rectangular lavash is as close as we can get to the original handcrafted bread made by armenian housewives.

You should try it for: Rolls, Lasagne, Enchiladas, Crackers.

Round Lavash
The bread that started it all!

Ingredients: wheat flour, water, sea salt.

Our Round Lavash is very convenient for a quick sandwich, wrap or roll-up with ingredients of your imagination. Just pick your favorite cheese and veggies and there you go!
Lavash is suitable for making pizza, quesadilla, burrito and other local and exotic specialties.
Lavash is the perfect partner for dips and appetizers.

You should try it for: Wraps, Rollups, Panini-style sandwiches, Pizza, Crackers.

Our passion:

Lavash Dina

Brabion LTD is a young and developing company est. 2017 in Bulgaria. The company is specialized in producing and distributing Lavash bread.

Our experienced team consists of valuable employees, to which we rely on the quality of the Lavash bread we produce.